Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – Prestige Shop Tips and Information

Call of Duty games have implementing new ideas every game that comes out, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is definitely no different from the others in terms of innovation. Aside from the Survival Mode and leveling up weapons individually, Infinity Ward has implemented the Prestige Shop – a shop where players can spend Prestige Tokens on specific rewards. Of course, some are better than others.

The Prestige Shop is located in the Barracks menu.

To obtain these Prestige Tokens, players must prestige (hit the max level, then select Prestige Mode). Gamers that play on the X-Box 360 and Playstation 3 can also get additional Prestige Tokens if they’ve prestiged in the previous Call of Duty games (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and after). In order to get these tokens if players have prestiged in prior Call of Duty titles, they need to link their accounts.

The following rewards can be purchased with Prestige Tokens:

-Extra Custom Class: While this may not seem overly great, extra custom classes come on hand in-game, especially when you only have the original five. With the additional class players can, say, create an anti-air class without hindering or modifying their classes already created for their true style.

-Double Experience Points: This last for two hours of in-game action. Since gaining levels and reaching a level of prestiging can be a tedious task, I highly suggest using a bulk of tokens on this reward. I also suggest playing objective game modes such as Domination to get droves of points. I also suggest using the Support strike package to ensure that you get your streaks. The Recon Drone – a small player-controlled helicopter – gives points for dispersing the drone, tagging enemies and assist (and assist points) when your team mates kill a tagged enemy.

-Double Weapon Experience Points: This, like the Double Experience Points, last for two hours of in-game action. While the double experience points for the weapons is nice, I prefer getting double regular experience points. Weapon experience points help obtain unlockables such as proficiencies, attachments and camouflages.

-Regular Package: Players get a title and emblem.

-Unlock Gear: Another good spot to use Prestige Tokens. Unlocking gear allows players to unlock certain weapons, equipment, perks, etc. earlier in the game. This way, rather than leveling up and waiting to get that favorite weapon you want (granted it is one of the weapons that CAN be unlocked early with this reward), you get it as soon as you use the token. This also allows players to get the challenges done earlier, too.

-Hardened Package: Players obtaining this reward get a call sign and title.

-Veterans Package: Players obtaining this reward get a call sign and a title.

-Reset All Stats: Rather self-explanatory given the title. Players using a token to obtain this reward have all of their stats reset. This is only available at the 10th Prestige Level (15th for PC players).

Be careful when spending these Prestige Tokens; they don’t come easy, and once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. If you use a token on Double Experience points, I, once again, highly suggest playing objective based games, especially Domination, to rack up the maximum amount of points possible since players get more points for objectives, more points for assists, more points for kills and more potential kills in the long run, and more points for their killstreaks.

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