Can Too Much Sucralose in Your Diet Cause You to Gain Weight

Artificial sweeteners are used by people who wish to decrease their intake of sugar or to lose weight. There are claims that by using one of the most popular types of sweeteners sucralose, a person’s appetite can be enhanced so there is a debate as to whether a person can experience weight gain from sucralose. We are all aware that higher food consumption can cause weight gain. However, to gain any benefit from any type of diet food consumption must be controlled.

By choosing to reduce sugar intake, a person uses artificial sweeteners to control this. It is the same with food, control must be practiced to gain any benefit. Because obesity has reached epidemic proportions in many of the worlds developed countries, many people start a diet by reducing their sugar intake. Sucralose has become one of the most popular sugar alternatives because it is 600 times sweeter than normal sugar. Also, it has low acidic levels which increase its shelf life.

One of the main advantages of this is the fact that when food is prepared using sucralose it can be preserved for much longer. Many people believe that they just have to reduce their sugar intake and the weight will just fall off but this is not the case. Furthermore, if the appetite is increased, that is sometimes experienced when switching to sucralose, this must be taken into account. If not, weight gain from sucralose could be experienced.

A common occurrence is that sweets containing sucralose are eaten to excess because they are sugar free and many people think that this is an acceptable practice. The result of this is weight gain from sucralose. What is not taken into account is all of the other ingredients in the consumed sweets. It will be the carbohydrates in the other ingredients that will result in weight gain, not the sucralose. By adding sucralose to your diet, it is the best way to greatly reduce sugar intake but do not be fooled into thinking that a person can experience weight gain from sucralose. Used correctly, sucralose can be an asset to any weight loss regime but all food intake must be monitored for the best results.

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