Casey Anthony Accepting Psychological Help She Needs or is News Speculating Again?

Is Casey Anthony actually about to accept psychological help or is the news speculating again? The majority of people believe she’s a head case and needs serious help after being acquitted for murdering her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony, in 2008.

Casey continues to be the subject of much psychiatric debate over her mental state as a new post in suggests. Anthony has reportedly seen grief counselors and may now be seeking the help of a female psychiatrist.

News comes and goes that Casey Anthony is getting psychiatric help for her mental health since the trial wrapped up earlier this summer. Will the “Tot Mom” be evaluated and given an official diagnosis? Public opinion pretty much categorizes her in the psychopath arena. Her persistent lies have warranted reason to believe she’s not willing to come clean on anything.

In the meantime her parents, George and Cindy Anthony, have been interviewing with Dr. Phil on CBS. Their relationship with their daughter is strained and will never be the same after the trial.

The controversial tattoo which read “Belle Vita” means “a beautiful life” has never left her body in spite of the fact the artist who inked it offered to remove the infamous scribble. That alone has raised eyebrows when the life of her daughter was tragically taken. Will news that Casey Anthony is set to see a psychiatrist mean there will be more answers to all the questions?


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