Casey Anthony: Desperate Attempt to Survive, Accepts Help from Unlikely Therapists

A desperate Casey Anthony has been seeking guidance from therapists and spiritual advisers, according to her lead attorney, Jose Baez. Anthony returned to Florida to face probation and RadarOnline reported that the “Tot Mom” is seeing friends of her lawyers who are counselors of some sort.

Casey Anthony Desperate: Spiritual Advisers the Answer?

Geraldo asked Jose Baez if by “spiritual advisers,” he actually meant “therapists.” Baez confirmed that Casey Anthony has met with “a combination of both.”

These are friends of Baez’s, but he wasn’t willing to elaborate on the location of where his client has been hiding out from the public. Threats on the woman who was acquitted for murdering her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony, have been severe and she has required a significant amount of protection.

Casey Anthony to Survive Public Scrutiny After “Not Guilty” Verdict?

At the end of the Casey Anthony trial, Jose Baez emphasized his concern for his client’s safety and wanted to issue protection. Death threats have inundated the young mom accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter. This case has echoed that of O.J. Simpson. An overwhelming majority believe Casey is responsible for the murder of her daughter in 2008.

Casey Anthony doesn’t appear to be the type of person seeking help from therapists of any kind — let alone spiritual advisers. What kind of spiritual advisers and therapists is Casey seeking and will she really take their advice?


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