Celebrating 60 Years of Miss Universe: 22th Miss Universe Athens Greece 1973. History!

Greece begins to draw tourism! The capital Greek of Athens – one of the most beautiful capital cities in Europe– hosts the world’s largest beauty contest.
2. Despite a difficult reality and full political tension in the South American country, Chile sends a delegate (Jeanette Gwendalyn Robertson) to Greece to compete in the global event. Miss Chile 1973 is also the only delegate from a Socialist country to participate in the pageant.

3. Amid high hopes after impressive performance at the 1972 MU in the Caribbean where Australia won the title, the country’s participation is disappointment! Miss Australia 1973, Susan Mainwaring, is eliminated in the preliminaries in the Greek capital.

4. Lebanon, a war-torn country in the Middle East, makes the top 12 with Marcelle Herro, among sixty-one entries.

5. Upon winning the trophy in Greece, Margarita Moran of the Philippines captures the attention of fans worldwide after a victory over Amanda Clara Jones of the United States in the finals. Certainly, the Filipinos don’t have to wait long for the island’s delegate to get its second title. On July 19, 1969, the Philippines received its first win. The Philippines is one of the beauty-obsessed countries in the world alongside America, Venezuela and Colombia!

6. Aside from winning the universal trophy, Margarita Moran of the Philippines receives the Miss Photogenic title. On the other hand, Filipinos in Manila, the island’s capital, who had watched the event live on television were pouring onto streets.

7. Few observers will forget Moran’s win and one of them was the President Richard Nixon. During her period as MU, Margarita Moran was a highly respected figure, becomig the only MU to receive a letter from a U.S. President as she listed Richard Nixon as “the greatest man on Earth in a press conference”. Nixon’s letter thanked her for her comment and expressed the following words: “I can think of no better concern for a Miss Universe than peace in our world and you have a very unique opportunity to awaken people’s thoughts to peace”.

8. Never having aspired to be a beauty queen, Miss Moran, however, enjoys it, finding that it gave her the freedom to travel.

9. The Philippine rule has invited Miss Moran to be its Goodwill Ambassador.

10. Moran’s victory in Greece prompts the Filipino government, headed by the First Lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos, to present a bid to host the pageant at Manila, capital city of the Philippines.

11. The host country, Greece, thrills the home crowd during the annual pageant as its local beauty makes the top 12.

12. Following a list of three winners from Latin America between 1970 and 1972, Miss Spain , Maria del Rocio Martin Madrigal, wins the Best National Costume in 1973. She is also selected to compete in the third round by judges, among them Manuel Benitez Perez (a matador from the Spaniard city of Palma del Rio), finishing fourth.

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