Celebrating 60 Years of Miss Universe: 38th Miss Universe 1989 Cancun (Mexico). History!

Let’s go to Mexico! Chile’s Vina el Mar City, well-known for its international festival, bid on the Miss Universe Pageant, but the 38th Miss Universe contest was awarded to the Mexican city of Cancun, one of the world’s most notable and spectacular tropical beaches. Here you’ ll find many of the world’s most spectacular beaches and fishing places. Located in the Caribbean, Cancun became the second Mexican place, after Acapulco (1978), to be named home to the MU pageant.

2.Like in Taiwan 1988, the host country, Mexico, holds a telecast judge: Mr. Emmanuel, a notable singer in the Spanish-speaking world, from Guatemala and the Dominican Republic to Spain and the Philippines, is member of the worldwide jury, helping to the host country to pass to finals.

3.The local contestant Adriana Abascal makes the top five, paving the way for a universal title in the following years.

4.The young exotic Eva Pedraza from Spain is considered a serious contender for the title by experts, photographers, fashion designers, and journalists, but she is eliminated for the second round by a worldwide jury headed by Mexico’s singer Emmanuel.

5.Swede-born Louise Drevenstam finishes second (Sweden’s best performance since 1984), ending an era of gold. Between 1954 and1984, the Scandinavian king was a major international power, gaining important rankings and special awards, but their international position subsequently declined.

6.Though Australia fails to reach the second phase, but it gains the title of Miss Photogenic for the first time ever, a big victory over Spain, USA, and the Netherlands.

Holland wins 38th MU! Like a former Miss Holland World 1988, Angela Visser, a fashion model from Rotterdam, has an advantage over some of other contestants and wins the Miss Universe title and the Netherlands improves upon its fifth-place finish twenty-four years earlier at Miami Beach (FL). Among major international prizes only the MU title had eluded Holland (Miss World 1959 & Miss International 1961).The Netherlands made their first appearance in July 1958 under Corinne Rosttchaeffer’s leadership.

7.Under Venezuela’s national flag, Eva Lissa Larsdotter Ljung, who stands 1,83m, is regarded as one of the 12 most oustanding girls on the globe by judges. She hails from Malmo, Sweden. Eva gained the right to represent the Latin American nation when she beat Fabiola Candozin during the Miss Venezuela at Caracas. She is the country’s first Venezuelan contestant of Swedish ancestry.

8.The Miss Universe Organization announces that the Soviet Union/USSR (Currently Russia) will participate in the universal event in 1990.

9.Miss Haiti returns for the first time in 12 years in Cancun’89.

10.After not competing in Singapore 1987 and Taipei 1988, Miss Poland makes the top five in 1989 with Joanna Gapinska. She, on the other hand, got the first opportunity to compete internationally at the 1988 Miss World at Marbella (Spain) and London (England) , but she did not make the semis.

11.Sandra Foster is called among 10 semi-finalists, becoming the first Miss Jamaica in history to accomplish that feat.

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