Celebrating 60 Years of Miss Universe: 40th Miss Universe 1991 Las Vegas (NV). History!

Miss Universe becomes one of the most popular TV programs in Colombia, thanks to such beauties as Aura Maria Mojica, Patricia Janiot, Patricia Lopez, and Luz Marina Zuluaga.

2Cuban-born Venezuelan specialist Osmel Sousa has selected Jacqueline Rodriguez, who works as an international model in Paris, to represent Venezuela at MU in Las Vegas.

3.Guadalupe, known affectionately as “Lupita”, Jones Garay from the United Mexican States captures the trophy at Las Vegas (NV), upsetting both the Dutch and Russian contestants. Before winning the global prize, Mexico had been semi-finalist since 1988. With the exception of 1978, the United Mexican States did not even make the semi-finals of MU from the mid-1950s to the mid-1980s. However, all that changed when Amanda Olivares -the best known Mexican beauty queen until 1991-finished as the “most successful Latin American delegate” when she was second runner-up to the 1988 Miss Universe in Taiwan. Three years on, upon winning the Miss Mexico title, Guadalupe , better known as “Lupita”, Jones Garay was named MU by an international jury headed by Romania’s former gymnast Nadia Comaneci, among the most high-profile athletes -male or female- in the latter half of the 20th century. Lupita Jones is referred to as one of MU’s most beautiful winners by Panama’s Rolando Espino, an expert on Miss Universe. Since then, she is Mexico’s first greatest beauty queen.
4.Seven months before being officially dissolved as the Union Soviet Socialists Soviet (USSR), the second Miss Soviet Union Universe is declared as one of the three most beautiful girls on the Planet by judges.

5.After making a huge splash at the Miss World at Great Britain in late 1990 (where was first runner-up), Miss Ireland Siobhan McLafferty does not qualify for the second round.

6.Although Nadia Comaneci was judge at Las Vegas, Miss Romania got the 24th position of the overall MU rankings, being eliminated to compete among the top 12 in the global tournament. The Romanian-born Comaneci, 5-time Olympic gold medalist (Montreal ’76 & Moscow’80), became the first person from a former Communist nation to be named judge.

7.US-based Miss Universe Organization finds Thailand (Southeast Asia), the most convenient location for the 1992 universal event.

8.France’s Mareva Georges make the list of the semi-finals. Hailing from Tahiti, she becomes the first Frenchwoman to reach the semis over last two decades.

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