Celebrities Counting Their Lucky Turkeys:

Thanksgiving is a time for reflection and appreciation, both for what has been given to you, as well as what you are able to give to others.However, there are a few celebrities that should be grateful- not for their unbridled wealth, but that they are still alive, married, not married, not dismembered, etc. You get the idea. When you are a celebrity, fame and fortune are a given. The following three celebrities should count their blessings this turkey day for some of the more simple things in life. It is amazing how the holidays can bring us into the same proverbial boat, at least temporarily.

Charlie Sheen
Life, liberty,…..and the pursuit of insanity? Good ‘Ole Charlie should be thankful for all of the above and more this thanksgiving.His tirades this year include slamming Two and Half Men creator Chuck Lorre, a comical tirade involving his implication that Alcoholics Anonymous is a cultish movement with only a 5% success rate, as well as a day and half sex and drug binge that landed him in rehab initially. Charlie should be thankful that his ‘army of one’ is intact enough to be signed by FOX for the 2012 season after being relieved of his duties by CBS this year.

Ashton Kutcher
From one Two and a Half Men maniac, to his replacement, Ashton Kutcher seems almost priestly. However, he should be quite thankful this holiday season even considering his now pending divorce from his wife, Demi Moore. This is due in part, no doubt, to rumors that surfaced of affairs. The reports, it must be noted however, are just that- rumors. That being said, marriages have ended over less, especially in Hollywood. Kutcher and Moore’s is no exception to the rule in this case. But considering he is replacing the star on one of TV’s most popular and successful sitcoms in recent years, as well as the fact he is one of Hollywood’s most eligible celebrity bachelor, he too, has much of which to be thankful.

Kris Humphries
Sometimes the worst situations at the moment tend to become blessings in disguise down the road. In the case of Kris Humphries, the ex-husband of Kim Kardashian, the blessing will prove to be a divorce. The worst thing for a man’s life is an attention craving, self-centered woman. After only 72 days of marriage, Humphries is getting out while the getting is good. The attention he has gained via the brief marital bond, however, has reportedly gained him an endorsement deal with Sector, the luxury watch company. Kim must have taught him something while they were married. Humphries can now turn his attention to more important activities that are less blood sucking, such as basketball.

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