Celebrity Birthdays on September 12

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We are all interested in Celebrities and their lives. Celebrities are people we often look up too. This is a series that will show you the most interesting celebrities who are born on each day. Celebrities are just like you and I, they are just more famous.

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1931 George Jones, American country music singer

1940 Linda Gray, American actress known for her time on Dallas

1950 Cynthia Myers, American model and Playboy Playmate

1951 Joe Pantoliano, American actor

1952 Neil Peart, Canadian drummer, lyricist and author (Rush)

1956 Ricky Rudd, American race car driver for NASCAR

1957 Rachel Ward, English actress, The Thorn Birds

1967 Jason Statham, English actor who plays in many action movies

1967 Louis C.K.is a stand-up comedian, television and film writer, actor, producer, and director from Boston, MA, He currently stars in the FX comedy series Louie, which he also writes, directs, and edits

1974 Jennifer Nettles, American country singer for Sugarland

1977 Jeff Irwin, American musician who has performed with many great groups

1977 James McCartney, British musician, son of Paul McCartney

1978 Ruben Studdard, American singer who rose to fame on American Idol

1981 Jennifer Hudson, American actress and singer who rose to fame on American Idol and won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in Dreamgirls

I hope you enjoyed today’s celebrity birthdays. Come back out tomorrow to check out more celebrity birthdays. Happy Birthday to all celebrities and everybody else who were born on this day- come back tomorrow to see what Celebrities were born on this day

You born on this day

We wish you happy Birthday

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