Celebrity Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults

Having a hard time coming up with costume ideas for the company’s Halloween party? Take a look below at popular celebrities to portray this Halloween.

Lady Gaga

Dressing like Lady Gaga is a piece a cake. Copy various looks from past award shows or come up with the wildest and strangest thing imaginable and put it on. Put on a blonde wig and you are one of the most controversial stars in music today for Halloween.

Britney Spears
The 2011 VMA tribute to Britney has made her an ideal candidate for this list. You can copy past looks from her videos like “Baby One More Time” or “Toxic.” Get a long blonde wig and a cheap headset and poof; you are the Pop Princess of Halloween.

Ashton Kutcher

Because of his new role on “Two and a Half Men” and rumors about starring in “Ghostbusters 3,” Kutcher has become a popular celebrity to portray on Halloween. Grab a short brown wig, a white t-shirt, and a pair of grungy jeans to be Demi Moore’s husband this year.

Taylor Swift

A blonde wig with waves and a lot of eye shadow can turn an adult into the adorable Taylor Swift. Recent photos show that she likes strapless dresses and tops. Another idea is to recreate her look from the 2009 MTV VMA Awards when Kanye West jumped on stage. Let’s face it. Swift became more popular after Kanye did that, so play it for what it’s worth.

Sarah Palin

Like to be a political celebrity this Halloween? Copy Sarah Palin’s look. Get a pair of glasses from the Family Dollar a red or blue business suit with high hills and talk about the Republican party all night long. Your friends might get sick of you, but hey, you got to play the part.

Desperate Housewives

The show is still going strong after all these years. Pick a wife. Any wife. Young adults dream about being Gabrielle Solis, but Bree is easier to portray. Anyone who chooses to dress like Lynette or Susan will have to get their mannerisms down because their looks are somewhat plain.


Adults can dress like Beyonce this season no matter what her or his body looks like. Recreate the look from the “Single Ladies” video or dress like a pregnant Beyonce. Anything goes with her look this year.

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