Chalkboard Headboard

Are you exhausted from going out and trying to find a cool headboard for your child’s bed? A headboard with a child’s theme can be quite expensive but a headboard made for an adult’s bed can be boring in a child’s room. It can actually be somewhat difficult to find a headboard sold without the rest of the bed. Spare yourself the browsing, loading and unloading a heavy headboard in a truck or van, and the rest of the stress that goes along with it. When you make a chalkboard headboard you create a fun element for a child’s room, you don’t have to lift anything heavy, and there’s no assembly required.

I’m not talking about going out and purchasing a chalkboard and using it as a headboard. It’s much simpler than that. Although some people have done just that, you still struggle with a bulky blackboard and you then have to secure it to the wall behind the bed. Cut the hassles down to zilch when you use chalkboard paint instead.

You can find chalkboard paint at any large home improvement store. Although it’s a little more costly than ordinary paint it’s exactly what you need to make the unusual headboard. One gallon is plenty enough to complete the task.

Prepare the wall by first washing it and making sure it’s completely dry. Outline the area by using painter’s tape. Inside the rectangle of tape, lightly sand the wall. Follow the instructions on the paint can label to apply the paint. It will take more than one coat to get full coverage.

You don’t absolutely have to make the headboard with a rectangular design. You can paint a round headboard, or another shape, just by using the chalkboard paint. Simply paint the area so that it reaches at least both sides of the bed, and below the edge of the mattress. If you want, further accentuate the unique headboard by framing it with molding.

If you prefer a more substantial chalkboard headboard you can always buy a piece of wood and use it as the headboard. Just mount the wood, paint or frame around the edges, and paint the front of the wood with chalkboard paint.

Any young child will thoroughly enjoy the chalkboard headboard for writing or drawing. It doesn’t have to be bedtime for your child to be creative. If you want, buy a chalk holder at an office supply store, tie it to a string, and use a push pin to attach the string to the wall, beside the headboard. That way, your child’s chalk will always be at hand, and ready to use. To hold an eraser, mount a small cardboard box on the wall with double-sided tape.

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