Changing Spark Plugs, Distributor Cap and Distributor Rotor


Each make and model of car is different, so it is important to locate all parts in the manual and determine their exact location before starting. Some vehicles also require special tools. Make sure your repair manual does not mention any special tools before you start.

Here’s What You Need:

Ratchet extension
Spark plug wrench
Spark Plugs
Spark Plug Wires (Ignition Wire Set)
Distributor Cap
Distributor Rotor

Changing Spark Plugs, Distributor Cap and Distributor Rotor:

Beginning with the spark plugs and wires, locate all spark plugs under the hood. Do not remove any of them at this point. Now that you know where they are, locate one wire, and find the beginning and end of the wire. Remove one end of the wire from the spark plug. Unscrew spark plug, put lubricant on the new spark plug and place it immediately in the slot you just took one out of. Place one end of the spark plug wire over the new spark plug, push until you here it click. Next, remove the other end of the spark plug wire, remove the spark plug, put lubricant on the new plug, and tighten it in the hole. Place the wire other end of the new wire on this plug. Continue until you have changed all plugs and wires. You should have one spark plug left; this is located in the distributor. Remove the distributor and Distributor rotor. Attach new ones in the exact manner that you removed the old ones in. Make sure to use lubricant on any parts that the manufacturer recommends.

After you change the plugs and wires, start your car. If it sounds like it hesitates or if it is missing, check the firing order on the distributor cap to ensure that you have all of the plugs and wires in the right place.

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