Checklist for Nursing Homes

Locating a nursing home for a loved one can be challenging. This checklist can serve as a guide in finding the right place. is an excellent starting place to find facilities in your area. The website has a resource locator link that will allow you to compare nursing facilities based on performance. Based on your research compile a list of places to visit. Tour the facilities on a surprise visit learn how they operate on a typical day. Consider touring the facility during a meal time as well as late evening observe what happens after management leaves for the day. Geriatric care managers can also provide assistance in locating a facility and assistance in relocating from the community to long-term care. Geriatric care managers can be found online at

Finally, TRUST your instincts if you have any doubts about a facility then it’s probably not the place for you.

Cassandra Hill-Smith, M.A. Gerontology, LBSW

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