Children’s Story About Friendship

It was a bright, sunny day. The sun was shining and birds were singing. Fortunately, it was also Saturday, which meant that there was plenty of time to spend outside. There were three of us: Tom, Kevin, and me, Anthony. Tom and I wanted to go swimming. Kevin said that he didn’t want to go home and get his swimsuit. Tom and I wanted to go to the playground. Kevin said he didn’t like the kids who hung out there. Tom and I wanted to go see a movie. Kevin said there was nothing good playing.

Tom and I are pretty much the same. We’re also nice guys, I mean, we do our best to be good friends and to help each other when we’re feeling low. Kevin, on the other hand, only thinks about himself. If you were lying on the ground, Tom or I would help you up. Kevin would probably kick dirt in your face.

So the three of us were sitting there, and Tom and I are getting angrier and angrier. Finally, Kevin stands up. “Let’s go play basketball!” he says. Kevin and I just look at each other. There are three of us. Basketball is the one thing we can’t play.

We follow him to the basketball court around the block anyway. Kevin wants to play both Tom and I by himself. I think this is the stupidest idea I have ever heard of, and I say so, but Kevin won’t stop talking. Finally we give in. Kevin wants to bet us an ice cream cone that he will win. Tom thinks this is a bad idea and I agree because I just got my allowance and I’m not about to waste it on ice cream.

But Kevin keeps insisting and bragging and boasting and finally we’re tired of listening to him. We agree. Besides, with two of us together, we can’t lose. But we do. Somehow, some way, Kevin wins. We each have to buy him an ice cream cone.

This afternoon, something great happens. The ice cream vendor accidentally drops a scoop of chocolate ice cream on Kevin’s shirt. He gives all three of us free ice cream. In the end, Tom and I get free ice cream and Kevin gets a dirty shirt.

Now I’m not a mean person. Neither is Tom. Like I said, we try to be good friends. But every so often, someone like Tom gets what he deserves. I guess that’s why they call it getting your just desserts.

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