Chocolove Almonds & Sea Salt Chocolate Bar, Review

It is hard for me to resist plain chocolate alone, go off and add sea salt and almonds, as the Chocolove chocolate company has, and you can’t pull it away from me.

One thing I quickly noticed about this bar is it that it has big almond pieces. That is one thing I find to be lacking from most almond bars I have had. Even my favorite almond chocolate bar, from another company, has such small pieces that you wonder if you even ate an almond. I was excited from just opening the Chocolove Almonds & Sea Salt bar because I could see the larger almond pieces (and even a couple whole) before I even broke in to it.

In comparison to what I saw on the full bar lying and actually eating it there wasn’t enough almonds, for me. I’m picky. The bar looked chocked full of almonds even some small whole almonds noticeable in the bar, but when eating it there didn’t seem to be as many and the whole almonds were sliced halves. Although there were a lot more than a lot of almond bars I have tried. Plus the added sea salt kept my taste busy enough that I didn’t mind having bite without an almond.

The chocolate bar is separated into small squares. After getting through the squares on the ends you will get a piece of almond for just about each bite. I am not sure why the ends got the short end of the stick but that is ok; you can’t expect perfection.

When biting into the Chocolove Sea Salt and Almons bar first you taste the chocolate then the crunch of almond. The a light taste of salt hits your taste buds from several different sides. I like this chocolate bar because it keeps my taste buds on its toes with several different taste coming from each end. While I love chocolate and almond this bar adds an extra layer that perks up my taste buds from the norm.

For the discounted price of $2.20 for one bar that I paid you get 3 servings per bar. Each serving has 159 calories and 11 grams of fat. Being that this is a sea salt chocolate bar there is several times more salt in this bar than the average. It has 123 milligrams per serving. The sugar is high, but still normal for a chocolate bar at 11 grams. There are a couple of pluses being that there are 3 whole grams of fiber and 2 grams of protein in just one serving. There is also a little tiny bit of extra nutrition with 1% vitamin C, 3% calcium and 8% iron. This bar is also dairy-free and vegan.

The chocolate is medium dark at 55% cocoa. It is a good transition chocolate bar for milk chocolate lovers. There is the traditional bitterness you would expect from cocoa, but it is mild in this one but definitely noticeable if you are use to only milk chocolates.

I really like the added sea salt to this bar. It really brings out the sweet chocolate flavor. The Chocolove Sea Salt and Almond bar is so far my all time favorite of the chocolate bars I have tried by Chocolove and my favorite almond chocolate bar I have ever tried so far.

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