Choose Your Path

As I look forward in my Life, Quietly, My eyes are open in search of the Light.
As the day goes on, Frightened, My eyes are in a daze, gleaming, at the beautiful sunset.
As I see my show, Reminiscing, on Today’s events my eyes are prepared for the Dark.

It is dark,
but with the moon there is still enough light,
As I look at my candle, with my eyes wide open, Reminiscing of the peaceful sunset.

Everyday, we have a choice, Pondering, will we choose to be happy as if we were staring at a relaxing sunset.
Or will we give into negative energy, devilish, and use our Eyes to “Only” see the Dark!
Or will we endure the positive energy, gracefully, and see the Chosen Path of Love & Light!

Embrace the Light, rewarding, and follow the peaceful sunset, into the Path that will make us question the Dark!

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