Christianity and Politics

Every American should exercise their right to vote. That applies in a larger degree to Christian Americans. There hasn’t been a greater need for political leaders with strong Christian convictions as there is today. Every time an election comes our way, Christians look at each candidate differently than the average voter. That is because a person that is not a Christian, looks mostly at character, fiscal responsibility and personality. But a Christian must also look at a candidate’s leadership ability in the light of what the Bible says.

There are many good candidates out there and sometimes a person will equate a republican with a Christian. That is not necessarily true. There are many democrats that identify themselves as Christians as well. I think that I personally relate and identify myself as a republican because of certain issues that are platform issues for Christians. Those issues include being against abortion. There are exceptions, but as Christians, we believe that abortion is purposely taking the life of an innocent baby. Homosexual rights is another issue that I identify with the republicans on as well. As a Christian, I believe the Bible states that homosexuality is an abomination. Providing special concessions to a group of people due to a perverse activity is not only ridiculous, but it is against what God tells us in the Bible. Smaller government is another issue I relate to the republicans with. Smaller government provides greater freedom for people and businesses. Freedom covers a broad area that includes how we live and worship. Additionally, I believe that helping and protecting Israel is a God directed commitment and I believe that there are people in both parties that stand by Israel. I see it more prevalent in the republican party, but I do understand that just because a person is a democrat, that they can also be a Christian and also support Israel.

When we look at the top candidates, I try to see who would be the best Christian leader. I had originally supported Rick Perry during his run. I thought that despite some shortcomings, I believed him to be a Christian. I gave him the benefit of the doubt on other issues because if he is a true Christian, he will allow God to lead him and not other men. I am still making a decision about the four candidates still standing. I have doubts about Ron Paul only to the extent that I am not sure he would be committed to helping and supporting Israel. We can do a lot of things as a nation, but if we disregard what God set before us to do, we will not prosper. I think Santorum is a man of principles and I am looking to see how he does in Florida. Romney is a Mormon and is therefore suspect in regards to some Christian principles. On one hand, I understand that Mormons are technically not Christians in the more specific term, but their religion is based on many of the socially accepted ideas that we as Christians hold fast to like family, honesty, freedom and success. They are fairly conservative and would mesh better than most religions. Every person is different and some adhere to their beliefs more than others. Just because a person says that they are a Christian doesn’t mean that they will promote what they tell people they stand for. I could see myself voting for Romney, but only under the provision that he is true to what he says he is for. That seems to be the question most people are looking at with regards to Romney. I don’t think they are the most concerned with his Religion as they are concerned with where his heart and mind is.

I think the same view is held with Gingrich. I personally do not know what religion or faith Gingrich is. He seems to advance the ideas that republicans ask for, but we really don’t know his heart and therefore we also hold him in question regarding what he would really do as president. Would he adhere to the Godly principles that our country was founded on, or will he go his own way, looking at what he thinks will work best instead of applying time tested principles that our founding fathers set for us.
Obama was elected with the idea that he is a Christian, and he may very well be. Only God knows a man’s heart, but once in office, he promoted and fought for issues and ideas that are not Christian, Biblical or traditional American. With what Obama has done this last three years, one has to wonder about politicians in general and what is truly in their heart.

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