Christmas Gift Ideas for Cats

Christmas will be here soon, and you may be wondering what type of gift to give your cat on this special holiday. Cats enjoy many types of activities. They love to play, eat, sleep and be brushed. There are many types of toys and other items you can purchase to assist in these activities and other ones as well. The following are some ideas you may want to consider while shopping for the perfect cat gift.


Cats love to play with toys. There are some toys that your cat can use on her own, and some that you should use with her. Playing with you cat and her toys is a good way for you to spend quality time together. The following are some great toy ideas that your cat will love.

Toy mouse Fishing rod and reel toy Cat nip toys Laser chaser Ball with bell Catnip bubbles Teaser toy Mylar ball Feather ball Bongo ball


There are many kinds of treats that your cat will enjoy. There are treats that help control hair balls, and some that are good for your cats teeth. Here are some tasty treat ideas that your cat will like.

Dental treats Cat nip treats Party mix Cat nip Crunchy treats Moist treats Cat grass Jerky treats Hair ball control treats Cat milk

Cat Accessories

There are some things that your cat may need. You may have an indoor cat that you would like to take outside for walks. You may also want to replace some old cat items. Here are some cat accessories you may want to purchase.

Collar Leash Harness ID tags Clothes Cat carrier

Cat Furniture

Cat furniture is always a wonderful gift to give your cat. A lot of the cat furniture is set up to help your cat get the exercise she needs. Here are some great furniture ideas that you cat will enjoy.

Window perch Scratching post Exercise tunnel Climbing tree Cat condo Feline shelf Bed Cat tower

Grooming Supplies

Although your cat may not like to take bathes or have her nails cut, you may still want to consider grooming supplies as well. Every cat should be clean and have fur that is free of tangles. Here are some grooming supplies you may want to consider purchasing.

Shampoo Conditioner Towel Grooming brush Flea comb Nail clippers Grooming glove Cordless hair clippers Grooming wipes

Christmas is coming fast. If you are looking for the perfect gift for your cat, try one of the above ideas. While you are shopping for your cat gift, you may find other items you want to purchase for your cat. Cat treats and other supplies can be bought at most local department stores and pet stores. Your cat will enjoy her new gift.

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