Christmas Party Theme: Christmas Work Party for the Office

You have to admit … not many employees want to spend one night of their weekend at the office, even if it is for a Christmas party. Employees would rather be home in front of a warm cozy fire or out shopping for Christmas presents. Of course, with times as tough as they are, most people won’t want to buy any extra gifts for co-workers either. At this year’s office Christmas party, you can enjoy the work party and begin decking the halls early.

Christmas Party Themes

We all know that most work Christmas parties are boring and very few people want to attend. The boss feels he needs to throw a Christmas party because his employees expect it. This year, try something different than the usually stand-around boring office Christmas party and throw a Christmas work party instead. What’s the difference?

A Christmas work party is just what it sounds like. Employees will be working, well, sort of. Most offices don’t decorate for Christmas themselves. Instead, the boss hires a decorating company to come in after hours and decorate before the next day. Then, the boss hires someone else to cater the food, plan the party, and even decide what Christmas gifts his employees get. Not this year.

This year, schedule one day after Thanksgiving to have the Christmas work party during regular working hours. That’s right. Depending on what type of office you run, you can either continue on with the regularly scheduled work day or close the office for the day. The employees will still get paid, but not for normal everyday work.

Christmas Work Party Idea

Hold the Christmas party on your least busiest day of the week. Serve breakfast and lunch while the employees along with the boss can all decorate. Everyone can get the office ready for Christmas, have a casual light-hearted day at the office, listen to Christmas music, laugh, sing and not have to worry about buying an extra gift or finding a sitter on the weekend to attend the Christmas office party. The employees can be paid for decorating and the boss will not have to dish out all the extra cash for brought-in help.

Ideas For Christmas Party

A lot of offices have their own kitchen. This is a great time for some employees to show off their cooking skills while others are decorating the office or building for Christmas. For breakfast at the Christmas party, have a pancake breakfast with sausage, slices of ham, orange juice, tea and coffee. The pancakes don’t have to be dull. Spice them up by adding pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, canned pumpkin, blueberries, strawberries or other special ingredient. Have butter and syrup available. The boss can buy the breakfast ingredients as a treat for his employees.

For lunch, the employees can bring a covered dish from home while a turkey and/or ham bakes in the oven. Rolls can be baked just before serving, as well. There will be no need for formal dinnerware as thick paper or plastic plates will work just fine. While everyone is eating, pop a few pies in the oven for desert. The pies can be made fresh, store bought or frozen.

Have everyone take lunch at the same time at this special Christmas work party. By the time it would take for a regular work day, the employees would have had a Christmas party, Christmas breakfast, Christmas lunch, finished decorating the office, let of some stress and made the boss happy all while enjoying the company of their co-workers.

Pumpkin Pancake Recipe

It is easy to make these delicious pancakes and adjust them to feed a few or many. Start with self-rising flour. Whether you need a whole bowl full of mix or just a little depends on how much flour you use. Add pumpkin pie spice. Again, sprinkle the spice for a few pancakes or add several good shakes for a bowl full of mix. You can even wait until you pour the pancakes into the pan before sprinkling the pumpkin pie spice onto the batter.

Next, add one to two eggs and milk. Add milk and stir until the mixture is runny enough to pour. Sometimes, if the pan is not hot enough, the first pancake may turn out a little flat. Don’t worry, just let it cook as usual and then begin with the next batch. Add your favorite toppings and have a merry Christmas!

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