Christmas with Vegan Celebrities

With the release of PETA’s new holiday campaign, famous vegetarian and vegan stars are throwing their star power behind animal rights. Postage stamps featuring the likeness of modern celebrities such as Pamela Anderson, Woody Harrelson, Natalie Portman and Ellen DeGeneres are here in time for the holiday rush. Lisa Lange, the vice president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, (PETA) said, These are very influential people, and not everyone knows that these folks are vegetarian.”

PETA is hoping to bring awareness to animal cruelty, specifically what goes on in the slaughterhouses by putting famous faces along with statements from the stars about their reasons for turning to the veggies. For example, Academy Award winner, Natalie Portman said, “Eating for me is how you proclaim your beliefs three times a day.”

Vegan celebrities new, and die-hard
Other celebrities who have turned to the vegan lifestyle include recent converts, Ozzy Osbourne and Russell Brand. They may or may not stick it out, unlike Emily Deschanel who is an outspoken vegan has taken heat for maintaining her habits throughout her pregnancy. She eloquently declared, “Saying no to meat makes me feel stronger inside; I feel aligned with my morals and ethics. I still have to defend myself because people don’t understand it. As a pregnant woman especially, people will say to me, ‘You must eat meat and dairy.’You really have to tap into your self-esteem whenever people try to convince you you’re making the wrong choice.”

Celebrity role models can help vegans through the holidays
Many vegans may need to brace themselves for the holidays. Knowing which of your friends and family members’s favorite celebs are vegans, may help give you a buffer! There is no denying Bill Clinton looks much healthier since his lifestyle switch to a much cleaner diet and gorgeous actress Olivia Wilde proves that vegetarianism will not ruin your looks, and she says she is happier and more energetic than before. Her website Wilde Things along with Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Life, are full of good advice for handling the challenges vegans can run into during the holiday season.

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