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J&W Cigars is a new online cigar and accessory store unlike any other out there. In addition to featuring thousands of cigars, humidors, lighters and every other item necessary for the cigar aficionado, it also includes cigar tutorials, helpful tips and advice, and a blog that is updated weekly. This website was created with the intention of being a one-stop shop for cigar smokers of all levels and was created from top to bottom with every attempt to be as customer friendly as humanly possible.

One of the many features that make J&W Cigars so unique is the incredible amount of information that is included on every single cigar product. There’s more to cigars than meets the eye and several factors play into what makes the perfect cigar for each individual customer. This website includes vital information needed to assist customers in finding exactly what they’re looking for. This includes shape, size, tobacco filler, country of origin and several other key ingredients in making the right choice in picking a cigar.

This is also the only online cigar store out there to feature its own weekly updated blog known as “Pez’s Blog.” Here customers will find both opinions and facts about the ever changing world of the cigar industry written by various contributors including a former Navy journalist.

One last key component worth mentioning that makes this website so unique is that the staff at J&W Cigars is both very knowledgeable and helpful. If there are any questions they can be easily reached and if there’s a cigar that you’re looking for but don’t see chances are they can get it for you with no problems!

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