Clean Brake Proportioning Valves on Vehicle

Brake proportioning valves are also responsible for monitoring the quantity of brake fluid that is delivered to the brakes through the brake line. The valve can get dirty from the debris in the brake fluid and may build up over time. It is important the the brake proportioning valve is cleaned properly or it will not function correctly. It only takes a few materials to clean the valve yourself.

Use a jack to to lift up the vehicle so you can easily access the proportioning valve. Set a jack stand at each corning of the vehicle for additional safety and support. Never do this alone and make sure you have an assistant in the case that something does go wrong, so you can get help. Only work on vehicles if you have sufficient mechanical knowledge.

Look beneath your vehicle close to the rear brake line. Locate the brake proportioning valve, which will resemble an “L” shape with a rubber button.

Add a small amount of carburetor fluid or brake cleaner to a lint-free cloth. These products are usually used to clean this valve since there is not a product specifically made for this purpose. Completely wipe the valve down with the substance and the cloth until all the debris is gone.

Carefully lower the vehicle and remove the jack stands. Check the brakes to see if the functionality has improved.

Necessary Materials

Vehicle jack
Jack stand
Clean rag
Carburetor cleaner
Brake cleaner

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