Clomicalm for Dogs: Uses and Side Effects

Clomicalm is often used for dogs with separation anxiety, aggressive behaviors, or those with obsessive compulsive disorders but it works best when combined with training and behavior modification. This medication is an anti-depressant and will affect the serotonin levels in the dog’s brain allowing for a more balanced emotional state. This drug is for dogs over the age of six months and if your dog has been given any MAOI drugs within the last 14 days, Clomicalm should not be used as it can cause an irregular heartbeat, increased panting, and swelling of the tongue, lips or face.

It is also important to tell your veterinarian if your dog has any of the following:

Asthma Thyroid disease Liver or kidney problems Heart disease or high blood pressure Diabetes Stomach problemsSeizures

If your dog has any of these conditions Clomicalm should not be used and an alternative medication is recommended. It is also important to note that suddenly stopping the use of Clomicalm once started can cause your pet to become nauseous, or cause dizziness.

The serious side effects that can occur when taking this medication include:

Allergic reaction Fast or irregular heartbeat Seizures Stiffness in muscles or weakness Problems with urination

If your dog exhibits any of these side effects you should immediately stop giving the medication and seek a veterinary’s care. If your dog exhibits any of the following side effects you may continue the medication but need to consult your veterinarian.

Dry mouth Dry eyes Dizziness Drowsiness Loss of appetite Constipation Excessive panting Mild agitation

It is important to give the medicine exactly as directed by either your veterinarian or the pharmacist. If you believe that you may have given to much Clomicalm contact your local veterinarian or animal hospital.

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