CM Punk Successfully Retains the WWE Championship Against Alberto Del Rio

Tonight On November 28th episode of Raw, CM Punk defended his WWE Championship the first time against Alberto Del Rio in the main event. This is CM Punk’s first title defense since defeating Del Rio since Survivor Series.

Before the match occurred tonight, Johnny Ace was backstage with David Otunga about holding off Brodus Clay’s debut. Del Rio walks in and tells Laurinatis that what occurred at Survivor Series was a setback. Del Rio guarantees he will win back the WWE Title tonight. In comes CM Punk who mocks and blasts Johnny Ace, Del Rio, and Otunga. CM Punk throws verbal jabs on them by poking fun at them about their Google Searches.

CM Punk tells them the WWE Title isn’t going anywhere. David Otunga said Punk’s words sound like a threat, and presents the theory that Punk will intentionally get himself disqualified in his title defense against Del Rio tonight to keep his title. John Laurinaitis proclaims if Punk gets himself DQ’d, then Punk will lose the title.

During a quick interview with Josh Mattews before his title defense Punk said John Laurinaitis can kiss his a** (numerous times).

Conclusion of Match-Up: Punk and Del Rio are trading punches and kicks. Punk gives Del Rio a series of kicks. Del Rio responds with rights. CM Punk responds with a heel kick and a neckbreaker for a near fall. Both guys’ trade pin attempts, a Del Rio blocks a GTS attempt but fails to get the pin.

Del Rio lands a big kick on CM Punk and proceeds to untie the turnbuckle pad. The ref turns his back to fix the turnbuckle, while Del Rio throws a chair to Punk in attempt to get him disqualified. Punk throws the chair back to Del Rio and lies on the mat if he has been hit with the chair by Del Rio.

The referee looks to disqualify Del Rio, and Punk rolls up Del Rio for a near 3 count. Del Rio nearly lands a near fall on CM Punk. Ricardo Rodriquez jumps on the apron and begins to argue with the ref, Alberto attempts toss Punk on the exposed turnbuckle. CM Punk counters by dropping Del Rio on the turnbuckle, and landing the GTS for the win.

After the match, Ricardo Rodriquez is arguing with the ref about the outcome of the match, and CM Punk silences Ricardo with a GTS.

Source: WWE Raw On USA

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