CoCo Made Me Coo Coo

I briefly dated a man who spent a year living in the jungles of Hawaii. He often reminisced of the days he would use a machete to break open coconuts. Not a day went by where he wasn’t telling me a story about Hawaii and the fruit. With a childhood memory of getting sick from coconut, I was terrified to try anything that listed coconut as an ingredient. Until, shopping for new lunch ideas I came across CoCo Exposed by Alo. They’re label stated pure coconut water with Aloe Vera. This was my time to try something coconut once again! I scanned through their choices and decided to try Peach + Kiwi and also Passion Fruit + Pineapple. I battled to try them on the drive home but the label stated best served chill.

After freezing one and leaving one in the refrigerator overnight. I tried the Kiwi + Peach during Lunchtime. As soon as I broke the seal I immediately smelled Peach and my brain told my mouth to get ready! With one gentle sip I realized that CoCo Exposed by Alo….WAS NOT FOR ME! It had an immediate bitter taste that lingered after swallowing. Hoping that freezing it was a bad idea I later tried the Passion Fruit + Pineapple but it took had a terrible taste. It had chunks of fruit in it which I wasn’t expecting but the Coconut Water based drink even triggered those memories of being sick as a child. They say your taste buds change throughout your life perhaps mine evolved but always kept a trace of dislike for Coconut anything. I encourage you to try it for yourself; they have 5 flavors to choose from at only 60 Calories with Vitamin C, Potassium, and Iron waiting to do your body right. Tell me how your taste buds danced in pleasure or shivered in disgust like mine.

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