Comics in the Digital Age: Start Your Collection Now

Collecting comic books has been a favorite hobby for decades but you can bet few serious collectors haul their comic books around with them. More likely, they are stuffed in box after box in the basement or encased in plastic. However, collectors of digital comics have their favorite entertainment at their fingertips – literally.

While digital comics have been slower to catch on than digital music and movies, the market is growing. In fact, Marvel is working hard to satisfy print and digital comic book customers in an attempt to keep print comics alive while growing the market for the digital version.

It may be true that many of the die-hard comic book collectors of yesterday prefer the print version, but there is only one way to satisfy the generation that has grown up with everything digital and that is to provide them with the opportunity to add comic books to their digital media collection. The good news is that both mediums can successfully coexist and Marvel Comics is proving this every day.

Besides being able to take them with you wherever you go, another advantage to digital comics is that they are cheaper than their print counterparts, especially when you get into a series like Dan in Space from Squirrel Master Studios or Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Even when you don’t start reading the series when they first come out, you can always order previous versions and read the entire series at one time. For example, Squirrel Master Studios has just released Dan in Space 2 but you can still download the first comic in the series and enjoy them both together.

Digital comics give up and coming artists an avenue to express their own creativity. Even if you don’t know how to create an app, you can write and illustrate your own comic book and pay a modest fee to have it distributed to smart phone owners all over the world. Imagine comic book fans everywhere downloading your creation!

Your graphic novel could be the next big sensation! Whether you develop a series or just a single comic is up to you. In addition, you can format your creation for the Android or Apple market or both. For example, Dan in Space is available in both formats so Smartphone users everywhere can download it on their Android phones, iPhones, or iPads. Fans who have read Marvel Comics and DC Comics for decades can download yours as easily as they can comics from huge companies.

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