Common Travel Discounts for Seniors

For many Americans, one of the joys of becoming a senior is the opportunity to travel as never before. An added advantage of travel for seniors is the availability of many discounts just for them. While finding the best travel discounts for seniors may take some work, the effort can be worthwhile. Here are some of the most common discounts for senior travelers and some tips on how to find them.

Standard Discounts

Once you are in your 50s, but certainly when you turn 60, make it a habit of asking about travel discounts for seniors. While the most plentiful discounts are for those 65 or over, many are available to younger seniors, so you may be surprised at what you find. While you are at it, ask if any discounts you discover apply to your travel companions as well, even if they are younger. Sometimes they do, but you may miss out on these savings if you don’t ask. Also, inquire about partner discounts, since some travel service providers, such as airlines, have partnerships with rental car companies, hotels, or restaurants for discounted services.

Membership Benefits

You may be eligible for discounts as a member of a seniors group or because of other affiliations. Check out the websites of any groups you belong to for details or just ask when you are making travel reservations.

Last-Minute Price Cuts

A travel advantage for many seniors, especially those who are retired, that can result in substantial discounts is the flexibility to make last-minute travel decisions or to travel during off-peak periods. If you don’t mind waiting until close to your anticipated travel date, you may be able to find some of the best discounts available from airlines, hotels, cruise ship companies and tour operators trying to sell unused capacity. Likewise, if you can travel during off-peak periods, you may be able to find bargain prices and to enjoy less crowded airports, hotels, and tourist destinations.

Special Deals

Some travel deals for seniors are limited and somewhat random. You may not know about them unless you spend a lot of time searching travel sites or are on mailing or email lists for deal notifications. Therefore, sign up to receive travel newsletters or email alerts from airlines, hotels, cruise companies, tour operators, online travel sites, and other travel service providers about special offers. Make it a habit to read these notifications as soon as they come in, since there may be time and other restrictions on some of the best deals.

U.S. Government Benefits

You are a taxpayer, so don’t overlook travel benefits for seniors from the U.S. Government since you are helping to pay for them. For example, the America the Beautiful Senior Pass, for $10, gives you access to more than 2,000 federally-managed recreation sites for life. It also qualifies you for discounts on some amenity fees.


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