Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop

To me Conan O’Brien was always the best late night talk show host. Leno’s good, but not great. Kimmel, Kilborn, and Daily all try too hard. And Letterman just isn’t funny. So when this documentary came out, I definitely wanted to see it. Now I must admit that I was living under a rock when the whole ‘Conan getting the “Tonight Show” fiasco’ went down. So I knew I would get my questions answered with this movie.

“Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop” documents Conan and gang on tour as he takes his “show” on the road.

This behind the scenes doc shows the human side of a celebrity, which is always nice. We see Conan facing an uncertain future. Once the show starts, he’s on top of his game. Then as the tour dates start adding up, you see Conan start to get burned out. One thing’s for sure, he may not always be Mr. Nice Guy, but the whole time he has a smile on his face and he’s soldiering on. It’s loaded with that Conan humor that we all love as well as some musical performances, including him performing with Jack White. It’s pretty sweet. Other celebrity appearances include Jim Carrey and Tenacious D.

Although I found it funny, like most documentaries, I will probably never watch it again. It’s not provocative like “Zeitgeist” or “Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills”. It’s more light and fluffy. That’s not me taking a shot at the film, but one viewing’s enough.

So if documentaries ain’t really your thing, then I would steer clear. However if you’re a fan of Conan and want to spend an hour plus with him, then I recommend this to you.

-Daniel Richardson

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