Contentment Means What?

“Not that I was ever in need,

for I have learned how to be content with whatever I have.”

Philippians 4:11

There is a lot more to the word “content” than a lot us have ever thought. Content is defined in the online dictionary as not to desire more than one has or is; to be satisfied; and not to want more of anything. We are familiar with all these definitions but the rest of the definitions are sort of an eye-opener. The rest of the definitions are willing; and ready to accept or acquiesce (agree to do something). That puts a little more emphasis on “content.” Not only are we to be content and satisfied with whatever condition or circumstances we are in but we have to be willing to do and in agreement to do or accept whatever God sends our way.

This verse means we are not only to be satisfied with what we have but also not desiring to be more than the person God has created us to be. Believe me, that is enough to work on rather than desiring to be more. In other words, if we are satisfied with what we have and are then we are going to stay busy just doing the best we can with what we have and are.

Being content with what we have means making the best of each thing we have and have been granted from God. We are not to be wishing for better or more but asking God to help us use what we have for His best.

I know each one of us has room for improvement in the area of God creating us. We are who we are, in other words; but God doesn’t mean for us to stop trying to be a better person just to not wish we were someone we are not. We are who God created us to be.

” — for I am fearfully and wonderfully made — “-Psalm 139:14

God made each one of us unique and He made NO junk. Always remember God made each one of us as He wanted us to be. It is not our responsibility to become a different person but to become the best person that we can with what God has given us and how God has made us. There is lots of room for improvement in each one of our lives to make us the person that God made us to be but we will not reach that perfection until the day we stand face to face with God in Heaven.

Until then we need to be content with what we have and how God has made us and accept it and be willing to work with that and make it the best we can for God’s honor and glory.

Remember, no matter what circumstances we are in; what we have; how we look; or where we are, God wants us to make the best of it. When we learn to be content or make the best of the situation we are in at the present, God is richly going to bless our lives and those around us. There is so much peace and comfort in one’s walk with God if they can accept this and take it in stride and do their best. That is all God asks of each one of us.

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