Cornstarch: Natural Remedy for Common Household Problems

If you thought cornstarch was only for making gravy or thickening that pie, you are mistaken. This versatile household product is the key to solving common household problems.

Knotted Shoe Laces
When junior goes into a tizzy because his laces are tied in knots, you don’t need to spend hours trying to pick them apart. Sprinkle the knot with cornstarch to loosen knots quickly and easily. Not only will junior soon be on his way, you’ll save yourself the aggravation of getting out the magnifying lens to get a good look at those pesky knots.

Dog Shampoo
When company is on the way and Fido looks like he just emerged from the Dark Lagoon, tidy him up with cornstarch. Sprinkle dry cornstarch over his fur and brush it out with a pet brush. Cornstarch absorbs oils leaving his fur light and fluffy until you have time to give him a proper bath. Keep a box of cornstarch with your pet supplies for a quick fix.

Clean Stuffed Animals
If your little one simply cannot survive a few hours without her favorite stuffed animal, keeping it clean may pose a problem. Fortunately, a quick cleaning with cornstarch restores the fabric and gives stuffed animals a facelift. Sprinkle cornstarch over the surface of the stuffed animals – or throw several small animals in a bag and add ¼ to ½ cup of cornstarch and shake to distribute it to all stuffed animals. Allow them to set for 10 to 15 minutes while the cornstarch works its magic. Brush the animals with a soft brush to remove the cornstarch and surface residue.

Separate Marshmallows
If you’ve ever reached for that bag of marshmallows only to discover they have formed a solid mass of sticky marshmallows, you are not alone. Don’t waste your time – and try your patience – trying to pull the gooey mass apart. Add two teaspoons of cornstarch to the bag and shake vigorously. The cornstarch absorbs the moisture and marshmallows come apart easily.

Remove Grease Stains on Walls
Splatter screens prevent grease and oil from splattering, but no matter how careful you are, it seems some splatters make it to the wall behind the stove. To remove these grease stains sprinkle cornstarch on a soft cloth or cleaning sponge and gently scrub the area to lift the oil spots from the wall. Wipe with a clean damp cloth to remove any cornstarch residue.

Cornstarch is inexpensive, readily available and free of nasty chemicals. Keeping an extra box on hand makes sense economically and ecologically. But, the best part is that it means your life just got a little easier and you don’t have to store that box of cornstarch until next fall when it’s time to make the pumpkin pie.

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