Cosmetic Surgery Risks in Midforehead Brow Lift

Cosmetic surgery is a type of surgical procedure that is done for reasons beyond the issues of beauty and anti-aging. In some patients, the cosmetic surgery may be a form of reconstructive surgery performed to resolve facial trauma or diseases of the face. If you are about to undergo a midforehead brow lift, in response to a complication involving skin cancer, it is important to become familiar with the risks associated with this surgery.

A midforehead brow lift is a type of facial surgery that is as exactly as it sounds. A surgery that involves incision into the middle of the forehead for the purpose of lifting the eyebrows. While the procedure is typically considered safe, and commonly used in anti-aging cosmetic surgery procedures, there are some risks that may develop in patients who undergo the surgery for skin cancer purposes.

When diagnosed with skin cancer, obviously the most important aspect of your care involves removal of the skin cancer as quickly as possible. But, once the skin cancer is removed, there may be part of your face that needs reconstructive cosmetic surgery to ensure the best outcome is possible. If you have skin cancer in and around the brow line, the use of reconstructive surgery, and the midforehead brow lift, may be necessary to realign the eyebrows.

With a midforehead eye brow lift, there is a risk for complications in skin cancer patients. One of the most significant risks is the delay in healing due to the presence of pre-cancer cells that may not have been successfully removed. In addition, and co-morbid health complication can cause further complications with healing and lead to abnormal scar development in the midline of the forehead. In addition, infection is a risk as this part of the face is often difficult to protect from environmental exposure.

Before undergoing an eyebrow lift for any reason, be sure you discuss the risks and benefits with your doctor and determine how the risks can be mitigated effectively. While this procedure is done for cosmetic reasons, in cancer patients it is often a necessity to reconstruct parts of the face that were damaged during cancer removal. As a necessary surgery, it is even more important that you understand the risks and work to prevent infection, poor healing, and abnormal bleeding in the surgical site.

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