Crafts with Sweet Gum Tree Pods

The round prickly seed pods from sweet gum trees are a unique gift from nature. Not only do they look interesting, but they have a distinctive pleasant scent that is reminiscent of fall. It is slightly spicy, fruity and a little bit sweet. These are fascinating works of natural art that can be used in countless crafts. After finding these round prickly growths scattered all over the ground, gather them up by the dozen. Try these creative crafts with sweet gum tree pods, and make fall decor, garland and more.

Glue Sweet Gum Tree Pods to a Round Form

Crafts that use pods from a sweet gum tree are as easy to create as crafts made with pinecones and other natural items. Buy a round green foam ball in a size of your choice. Carefully run a wooden or metal skewer through one side and out the other. Thread a piece of cord through the hole for hanging. Use hot glue to attach the sweet gum tree pods to the ball. It will look like an over-sized pod. Attach a velvet ribbon to the top, if desired.

Place them in a Basket Along with Cinnamon Pinecones and More

Would you like to create fragrant crafts using sweet gum tree pods? Collect several pods, and place them in a pretty basket along with small pinecones, acorns and small pine sprigs. As previously mentioned, sweet gum pods are fragrant, but they can smell even better with a little essential oil. Apply drops of essential oil in a scent or a combination of scents. Vanilla and cinnamon are a nice combination. Refresh the scent as necessary. Mixtures like these are expensive when purchased from stores.

String them onto Clear Fishing Line to Create Garland

Sweet gum tree pods can be used to create unique natural garland. Collect dozens of sweet gum pots for crafts, and use an extra-long needle and monofilament, clear thread or stretchy cord to string the sweet gum tree pods. Consider using gold or silver spray paint to color some of them. Once the paint dries, alternate the colored pods with the natural ones. They will look absolutely beautiful.

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