Leadership: Knowing, Would it Make a Difference?

After WWII, the world knew the atrocities that occurred by Axis political forces while in control. It was for this reason the Nuremburg trails were set into motion. But one must wonder how the situation got so far out of control, the very nature of reason and strategy built into any society dictates layers of protection to avoid such. Today our current events surrounding the domestic society have us living with the results of an economy busted, there were meant to be layers of protection here too. Once I asked a question to those in authority, one they still have not been willing to answer. So with this I ask it of the reader(s) instead, considering the financial times that encourage ideas and freedom. If someone had stood up to the political forces taking control, would it have made a difference? Would it have made a difference today, would the economic failures around the global still have happened?

Looking back to Germany before and during WWII we see how the vast majority of citizens were hit with debits not from their own making. With the economic conditions being bad for business, the poor could not find work needed to pay these debits either. Along came Hitler offering a way out, desperate people will follow anyone without a thought at times. So Germany turned into hatred and ignorance of facts presented to them every day, a diet of bigotry to feast off of. In the end as the world moved in upon this nation, the conditions could not just be ignored. Hitler’s great idea was to take assets from those considered outside of the political party, an individual’s heritage, nationality, or religion the only cause for this. These assets were than given to those loyal to that party’s ideology, their debits paid by the stolen assets. Those left without assets had to be taken in by governmental forces to insure they did not talk and cause further problems. This resulted in shipping them to camps, to confine and remove the witnesses and victims of these crimes. The German public stated they could do nothing, there was just all this madness done in the name of justice and the legal process. What could one individual do to fight such?

We see the collapse of our markets today, with those who created such being bailed out. Yet there excuse is nothing could be done, there was just so much money involved they could not stop it. The same madness sweep across Europe once before and the poorest lost in the past and their equity today as well. Now they are being forced to pay for debits not of their making, yet those who did cause this have never been even investigated. Where are the jobs, the potential to gain new income? Then once more someone else is paying for the crimes of others, while the political forces side with those committing the crimes. Those complaining, protesting peacefully or otherwise, are carted off and arrested, all under orders by the political force of money. Today in news we hear the U.S. Senate has pushed to have military arrest citizens and detain them without even a warrant or charge filed. Our modern warfare tactics are surrounded by the concepts from Nuremburg, yet not one thought is given to holding the corruption responsible. One has to wonder how these events occur in a society said to have been built on the belief of “…all men are created equal.” The free exchange of information meant to be found in the news media having not existed for decades, the very right of free speech is being removed as it threatens those empowered by money. Where is the equality?

Knowing these things are going on, knowing they are wrong what are we to do? Our ancestors had to learn of danger signals to survive this has been breed into us today. But knowing alone is not enough, there must also be those willing to take actions protecting the whole. This is not to be with violence, for it would destroy the unity of society and perhaps all that exist. To avoid the violence involves gaining the public attention, the willingness of the masses to listen and understand what is happening and report on their own as well. Telling the truth by every individual of what they know is going on in their daily lives, to journal truth as well in their daily lives.

Ignoring what you see, what you do not want to know does not make it go away nor solve the reasoning behind its existence. The necessity of such events requires one to speak out, providing a means to stop this before it grows too far out of hand. I did this once, speaking out about what I knew was wrong. Those in authority have always come up with a reason as to why they do nothing, yet this time they will not even answer questions. More problems have occurred since, yet which one of the authorities is willing to answer any questions now? The idea of money controlling all their decisions is not seen as wrong in their eyes; they listen only to its sound, ignoring the public’s voice. Today we need the facts and truth to talk, issues can only be solved if we know these first. So tell the world, speak out about what you know is going on and answer this question. If you knew something terrible was going to happen, would you do something to stop it and make a difference? Or would you join the corruption and give the “enemy” aid?

Contact: Michael Pulse [email protected] Author of: The Truth of Things

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