Leadership/Basic: Strategic Element Movement, Mobility

Movement is good; to have life we need to breathe, pump blood, even exercise once in a while. Oppositions takes actions upon each, these actions affect what one does and does not do. This requires the ability to be mobile; as the opposition makes its move you must be able to counter such. This element is very crucial for it links both opposition and you in a rhythm. Once the offensive starts the rhythm takes a life of its own. Like fire it feeds and grows, it must also be controlled lest it take over altogether. Movement and mobility are assets allowing you to build; the rhythm will take that away if you are not careful.

For all actions there reactions, if an opponent makes offensive weapons, you must prepare a defense. The rhythm begins with this first movement even at the very thought of it, at this point what you decide what to do and act upon thus determining the overall outcome. It is very important to understand what you want to invest in, deciding on it well. Staying mobile allows for all your options to be available but not for very long. Opponents attempt to lessen each others assets, thus your options will be slowly removed. The directions and focus of this rhythm is to take action, whether by force or not your reactions will either increase or decrease your strengths.

The ability to remain mobile insures future actions are able to happen, but wining requires these actions support the objective. Mobility is not just about the physical movement, it also includes the ability to interact with others outside the conflict and to reason or think about the concerns. Blocking or restricting senses lessens the means to direct your senses, it is through senses our interest can be ascribed to the world. Actions are to taken in line with what we sense; our natural instincts and developed training can control the rhythm around us based on these senses. The further out we project the senses the more we will take in and see happening around us. But the less we will be able to control at the same time. The objective needs to be kept in mind as we move, using our senses to keep it in sight but not directly in sight. Projecting our senses to guide we move in without given away the interest and assets we are to acquire.

Do not let the rhythm take control of the action, it is needed but only so much, too much of anything is no good. For instance, oxygen is needed for every cell in our bodies, too much will make for fun brains that overheat and cause to cells die. The rhythm must be keep controlled and directed to increase our needs, not bring life to itself. If actions develop upon actions for too long, the control of all responses is lost. The lack of focus and mobility will increase until one can not control it anymore. This lose of control allows the other side to gain from you, the worse possible action to allow. Instead control the rhythm and force the opposition into the worse possible outcome.

Mobility comes with knowledge and technology both working together in a manner you control. The basics of walking can be expanded to fit into any scope of life we have, thus allowing one to mobilize within any technology or field we use. Our presence need not be physical, concentration on being felt rather than actually there all the time. Those with large constructed designs and organizations have to spend more time moving the entire design. But the simpler designs are more easily moved, faster mobility leads them to take advantage first. Knowledge increases the means to move, not only in real physical form but also in technological presences. But uncontrolled knowledge will allow the opposition to take action too. Further discussion of this is reserved for the elements surprise and security.

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