Lemons in Your Coffee?

Nelia stared at her mommy sideways.

“Mommy, why are there lemons in your coffee?”

Mommy smiled, “Nelia, dear, I always put lemons in my coffee. Silly girl, finish up your breakfast so you won’t be late for school.”

Nelia listened to her mommy, scarfed down her breakfast and scurried off to her bus.

It was a very cold morning so Nelia wasn’t surprised to see that everyone was bundled up. Mommy made sure she was dressed warmly, too. What surprised her was that three of her friends, Ebony, Flavio, and Amber all had socks on their hands.

“Ebony? Flavio? Amber? Why do you have socks on your hands?” Nelia asked. She tried not to giggle when she noticed Flavio’s socks didn’t even match.

“Because it’s cold, Nelia!” Flavio answered. “Where are your socks?”

Nelia went and sat in the back of the bus, this was too weird.

Once they got to school, Nelia went to room 19, the first grade classroom. Mrs. Conroy was already putting materials out on the children’s desks.

“Good morning, Nelia!” Mrs. Conroy smiled rosily.

“Good morning, Mrs. Conroy,” Nelia said with a frown. Something wasn’t right in the class room.

“Nelia, are you feeling all right?”

“Mrs. Conroy, why are all of our desks upside down?” Nelia asked scratching her head.

“Oh do you like how I rearranged the class?” Mrs. Conroy pointed at the upside down desks.

“To tell the truth Mrs. Conroy…I don’t see how we’re going to sit with our desks upside down.”

Mrs. Conroy chuckled, “You poor thing. You must be very tired.”

Soon the classroom was full and everyone sat on their upside down desks like it was normal. Nelia just shook her head.

Nelia was very hungry by the time lunch rolled around. She opened her chocolate milk bottle to drink it.

“This isn’t chocolate milk!” Nelia cried to the friends at her lunch table.

“Mine is,” said Blake.

Nelia looked at his milk. It was orange juice just like hers. “No, Blake. This is orange juice just like I had in my milk bottle.”

No one at the table would believe that the orange juice in the chocolate milk container wasn’t milk.

On the playground Nelia felt really frustrated and sat by herself under the big maple tree.

All the weird things that had been going on made her tired and pretty soon she had dozed off.

“Wake up! Wake up!” someone’s hands shook her awake.

It was her mom and Nelia was in her bed.

“How did I get here? I fell asleep underneath the tree at recess!” Nelia asked.

“Silly girl,” Mommy said with a smile, “You were just dreaming.”

Nelia laughed. “What a dream!” She couldn’t wait to tell her friends about wearing socks on their hands and Mommy putting lemons in her coffee.

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