Lesson Plans for Mother’s Day for Preschoolers

Mother’s are very important women who give us unconditional love and devotion. These special women need to know they are loved and appreciated on a daily basis. Mother’s day is a national holiday.

Are you a teacher wanting to help teach your little students about how they can appreciate their mother’s more and not just on Mother’s day? These lesson plans will guide you in the right direction. Mother’s day will be here again before you know it.

A potted plant shows mothers they are adored, appreciated, and loved. Preschoolers love to get their little hands dirty. Teachers can purchase little flowers from a local nursery. The flowers can be planted in recycled, plastic water bottles. Children can decorate these containers with bright, warm colors. They can either be painted or decorated with colorful tissue paper.

The key to my heart lets a child show his/her mom she’s important to them by showing they have the key to their heart. Old, disregarded keys can be painted red or pink. A wooden heart needs to be painted the same color as the key. The key can be glued to the heart. Teachers need to draw a fake key hole on the wooden heart. A printed poem can be glued to the back of the heart.

Parents can allow their children to bring in a copy photograph of child and mother together. A frame can be made from wooden Popsicle sticks. Four sticks will make one frame. The sticks can be dipped into multiple paint colors. They need to be set aside to allow them to dry overnight. This will ensure they are completely dry. Students can add fake jewels and alphabet stickers to personalize the frame. A small piece of cardboard can be the backing to the frame.

A “tea” party gives children and their mother’s can enjoy the day together. It doesn’t have to be tea; it can be milk or juice. Cookies can be served with the refreshment. A child and mother spending quality time together are creating beautiful memories. The child can tell their mother something they love about her. Teachers can take a photograph of the mothers and children together capturing the moment forever.

These lesson plans need to be supervised by an adult. No child should be left unattended by any means. Each plan can be changed at any time to fit the individual needs of the student.

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