Life is Constantly Changing

Life is constantly changing,

Every moment to the next,

From one second to another,

A minute to the hour,

To the day,

And the power of hope,

The power of love,

The power of a brighter day,

Life is constantly changing,

No matter how we might take it,

Life is constantly changing,

Through good times,

And bad,

Through struggles and strife’s,

Through hope and dreams,

It is how we handle it,

That is what matters,

As life is constantly changing,

Relationships have their good times,

And their bad,

We build friends,

We lose friends,

We have arguments,

We have conversations,

We try to change our heart,

And we stick to the morals,

That means the world to us,

Life is constantly changing,

But we have to hold on,

We have to hold fast,

We have to keep believing,

That there is still beauty,

That there is still love,

That there are still great people,

That there is a reason for the strife,

That there is a reason for hope,

That there is a reason for all,

That we go through every day,

Life is constantly changing,

But as long as we believe,

As long as we have hope,

As long as we keep strong,

Keep resilient through everything,

We will be able to keep going,

As we put our hope,

Our strength,

Our joys,

Our hardships,

Our beauty,

Our happiness,

Our love,

In the future,

That we strive for.

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