Lighted Party Ice Bowl

Don’t you love it when people compliment you on a party you’ve thrown? Whether it be a holiday, a birthday, or a wedding, you know you love it when you pull it all together nicely, and the guests definitely notice. So, you’re probably always looking for new ways to decorate, new and different foods to make, and unusual ways to create a party atmosphere. And, whether you’re serving sodas, or mixed drinks, you can definitely do something exciting with the beverage area of the party. It only takes a minute to create a glowing ice bowl that will have everyone impressed.

One way to make a lighted bowl for a party is to use a bike light. You can often find the light at a place that sells bicycles, like a discount department store. The light runs on batteries and often has choices for the setting. One setting is “on”, another is “blink” or “strobe”, and it might even have more settings. Find a small, glass jar to hold the light. If the lid of the jar is a color that will stand out too much in the bottom of the bowl, paint it with non-toxic paint, and do so at least 24 hours before using it. Decide on the “blink” or “steady light” option and turn on the light. Put the bike light in the small jar, set the jar at the bottom of the ice bowl, and fill the bowl with ice cubes.

Most any type of light that runs off of batteries can be used to make the unusual party ice bowl. Just turn the light on, put it in the clear jar, and set it in the bottom of the ice bowl.

Another way to make a lighted bowl is to use a glow-in-the-dark necklace. The plastic necklace is found at dollar-theme stores and places that sell assorted novelties. Snap the necklace and two chemicals mix together to make the necklace glow. Place the necklace in the bottom of the bowl and fill with ice. It’s not absolutely necessary to put this type of light in a jar first. These lights don’t glow for a really long time so, if your party will go on for hours, it might be necessary to replace the necklace with a fresh one.

No matter which type of lighted ice bowl you make you’ll see that it really adds an exciting element to most any party. It glows, invitingly, to bring your guests to the area where they can get drinks. You’ll want to use the lighted bowl many times – using assorted colors – over the years.
Lighted Ice Bowl

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