Like an Autumn Breeze

Like a beautiful tree very old in age yet still standing tall,

Gracefully releasing the leaves from its branches

without the slightest resistance at the onset of Fall…

Like the childhood summertime fun

we all so fondly remember,

That gently fades into the distant past

with the arrival of September…

Like the metamorphosis of a caterpillar

into a beautiful butterfly

that takes place inside the protection of its cocoon,

Somehow knowing the exact moment his transformation

is complete…

never spreading his wings to fly free a moment too soon.

To everything in life comes change and transformation

in its own perfect time and season,

And we must trust in the perfection

of this divine process…

even if God never reveals to us the reason.

‘Cause like a gentle autumn breeze that blows,

then returns to the ether’s from which it mysteriously flows,

Likewise, life unexpectedly comes and goes.

One minute we’re joyfully welcoming the life

of a newborn baby…

the next minute we’re painfully grieving the transition

from this life a family member or dear friend,

Yet if we watch closely and learn from nature

perhaps this mysterious pattern of life won’t be

so hard to comprehend…

Like the inevitable seasons in life when we are faced with

the passing on of a loved one or beloved friend…

Autumn tells us it’s time for releasing and letting go

and gives us the illusion all has come to an end…

But spring soon brings regeneration and rebirth

…and the cycle of life starts all over again.

In honor and memory of William L. Hendricks & Reverend Virginia Jackson

(My Dad and Spiritual Mom, whom I miss dearly since they both transitioned from this life last year)

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