Like We Never Happened

Like We Never Happened

It’s a warm summer night,
And there we were, sitting together but alone.
Just the two of us, braving the world.
Some try to hurt you, but I shielded you with my love,
And I never let you go.

Time flies by when you spend it with the person you love,
I know that feeling all too well with you.
Good mornings turn into good nights,
All too quickly.
Why did it have to happen?
Why did my hello turn into your good bye?

The times we spent together,
The memories that we made,
The smell of your sweet perfume lingers on my mind forevermore.
The feel of you next to me sleeping,
The slow, even sound of your breathing.
Your smile that sets my heart on fire every time I see it,
Your laugh that turns a bad day into the best I’ve ever had,
Your tears that flood my heart with sorrow,
Your voice that gives me butterflies still.
Why did it all have to go?

Now I’m back in that same room where we started.
This time without you.
Without you, there is no me.
I’m just a shadow.
Our memories together manifest themselves and eat me alive.
Dreams that used to put me to sleep are now nightmares.
I can’t look upon your beauty without shedding tears.
Tears that will never be seen.
Sobs that will go unheard.
Life that will not be lived.
Without you,
I’m emptiness.

What hurts the most is that after all of this,
You pretend like we never happened.

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