Little Feet

My little feet wrapped in my hands,

Where will you go and what will you be,

When adulthood comes and takes you from me?

The obstacles in life you need to step over,

Will you stand firm or run for cover,

They will have to grow for me to see.

Will they run ahead with ambition,

Or retreat from the fears they will face,

I shall not worry for now as they lay in my careful hands.

Until the day they will stand on their own,

I will then let lose my grip and let them go,

To where I do not know,

On that day with every step they walked away,

My hands reached out for their return,

Walk back to me my heart did burn,

I cherish the days I held my little feet,

Into this rugged life they travel,

In my heart they are so fragile,

Where they are now I do not know,

I cannot eat or sleep,

God please give back my little feet.

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