Little White Lies

People are going to lie to you. It’s a simple fact of life. They are going to tell you things to push you away because they are not interested. Things such as “You are really good, call me tomorrow,” are said as they walk away. Don’t get discouraged over this. Prove to them that you are more than what they perceive you to be, and be persistent. White lies are used to keep people at a distance. Embrace the lie, “What time should I call you tomorrow?” Pin them down and thrive in the environment.

Sometimes the lies are less about you and more about them. They want you to have a good opinion of them, and so they lie. “You look nice today,” when you really look like a train wreck. “Wow, you have an amazing singing voice,” when you have had a sore throat all week. Things like that aren’t mean-spirited. They are still lies though aren’t they? Vague comments and unspecified compliments with hazy dates and times about talking again are usually good indicators that a white lie is in the mix. Chances are they may not have been paying attention, were distracted or simply were having a bad day. Once you realize this, it’s more about making your way through it. What you need to do at this point is make them see the error of their ways. Grab their attention and make them see you for who and what you are, worthy of notice! Again, pin them down and thrive in the environment. Use their offhand comments to further your ends.

Now if they are simply full of crap all the time no matter what the situation may be, avoid them. Don’t be obvious about it, but try to keep your distance from these people as much as possible without being rude. They weren’t hugged enough as children and take pleasure in anything that makes others as miserable as they are. Stay upbeat and positive, and be the person you can be without allowing the naysayers to cloud your world view. You’re in the trenches of life, and life unfortunately is plagued with people who lie for one reason or another – some to save face, some to bring others down and some because they can’t help it. Be above it, be better and use it to your advantage whenever you can. Turn the white lie into your advantage.

The key to succeeding in any part of your life is to constantly be persistent and keep going no matter what. Ensure that you keep a positive outlook. For every person who blows you off, there will be others who say, “That person has a positive attitude. We could use more like him.” Those are the people who count, the ones you want to know. Make friends with them and appreciate them for who they are, just like they do with you! Most people using white lies are doing so to be polite. These people can be a great ally if used properly.

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