Live Nightmare

Every day seems to be the same. Nothing in my life changes. There is always the same boring school, which consumes my time. Life never varies; I still always stand alone in a crowd. My friends are of no help to me; they just don’t really see. Consumed so much in their lives, my friends cannot catch sight of anything outside of their own little world. I go through all of the motions, all of the breakups and gossip. Somehow, I feel different.

This day I wake up and finally feel that I should change. I need to go out there into the world and make new friends, maybe even start a new life. I stand up and slowly get ready for a typical day at school, with all of my anticipation gathered for what the day will bring. Soon enough, I arrive at school and start scoping out new faces. It is my determination to make a new friend today.

I walk into my first hour class with a new disposition. Suddenly I see a face in the back of the class I haven’t seen before. “She must be a Leah.” I thought to myself, “She looks like a Leah.” Walking down the aisle toward my assigned seat, I smile at the girl. Then there is nothing. No reaction whatsoever is given back to me. This girl intrigues me. Her hair is black and she has piercing green eyes. I looks like those eyes are just hanging in space with no emotion. I wonder if I am transparent and that is why she cannot see me. I sit down in my seat next to my old friend Jessie. “Who is that sitting in the back?” I inquire of Jessie. “Who are you talking about?” She responds. “That girl in the back corner.” I reply in a knowingly way. Jessie soon verbalizes her answer. “What? There is no girl in the back corner!”

Those words hit me like a ton of bricks. Am I seeing things? There has to be an explanation. I’m probably the one who is wrong. I have to quickly cover up what I said. What could I say though? “Oh, ha, just checking to see if you are still with us this morning!” I say.

“Ha, yeah of course! I’m always with this amazing class!” Jessie sarcastically replies. Whew, that was a close one. I almost completely embarrassed myself there. I slowly turn my head just in time to catch the green eyes of the girl. Suddenly I do not know what to do. I can see this girl with my own eyes and yet, Jessie doesn’t see her at all. Do I need to get my eyes checked out? This is such a weird feeling. Am I hallucinating? Maybe the lack of sleep is getting to me. I should take a nap. Slowly I put my head down and close my eyes. Soon I hear a vague voice. The voice is yelling at me. Why is the teacher yelling at me with a mouth that seems to fade into the darkness? Maybe the teacher is just having a bad day.

First hour has ended and I am no more alert then when it started. As I walk out the door, I capture a last glance at those green eyes. Somehow that picture frightens me and I can’t get it out of my head. I walk all throughout the hallways of my school thinking about that picture only to notice the halls seem different. They have a darkness that only contains a slight illumination. Their normal rectangular pattern has turned into a circular pattern. Although the hallways are different, I know them exactly. My day goes on as normal. The last five hours go by as slowly as the first. I just can’t concentrate on any of them. I sit and keep replaying what happened earlier in first hour. After each and every hour I scan the halls for the green-eyed girl but I never see her. That is truly weird. I wonder if my mind is just tired. Maybe I will sleep when I get home.

The drive home from school seems like it takes forever. I cannot get the green-eyed girl out of my head. That has never happened to me before. As I drive home, I focus on the road. While driving ten over, I’m trying to clear my head. I glance over toward the sidewalk and suddenly I see the green-eyed girl. She just stands there. I feel her eyes upon me and I’m frightened. Quickly I look away as if I had not met eyes with her. All she does is stare at me with her eyes. My heart races due to some emotion I cannot understand. While I turn a corner, I no longer feel those eyes. Finally, the plague has subsided.

Soon I reach my house and I feel safe. What is wrong with me? Why do those eyes create such havoc in me? I sit and contemplate in my room. Now the place where I sleep feels like a safe haven. I will not see that green-eyed girl when I am just in my room.

When I finally calm down, I get the nerve to leave my locked room. I travel down the stairs, slowly, step by step. I grab some food. Maybe after I eat something my nerves won’t be edgy. With a bag of chips in hand, I hike back up my stairs. My hands start shaking for no apparent reason. My blood sugar must be really low. With my foot, I push open my door. It swings open, only to reveal a set of deep green eyes staring back at me. “Who are you? What are you doing here?!” I manage to scream. The girl expresses no emotion. She just sits there staring at me with a solemn, yet hateful look. “What are you doing here?!” I scream, thinking she didn’t hear me the first time. She says nothing. All of a sudden I am dumbfounded and cannot move. What is this girl doing in my room? “Go away!” I command.”Why won’t you leave me alone?”

From all of my words, I receive no retort. All I see are those green eyes. With all of her features, the only one that affects me is the eyes. They stare back at me as if I already know the reason behind them looking at me in the first place. No answer comes o me as I search my mind for the real.

A car door loudly slams; my mother has come home. I hear the door open and footsteps on the stairs. She reaches my door with a smiling face. “I got you cookies!” She says as she turns to walk away. Did she not notice the stranger in my room? I’ll see if she was just too quick to notice anything. “Mom, can you come in here please?” I request. Soon she is under my door frame. “What’s wrong sweetie, you look terrible. Are you sick?” She asks concerned. “No, I’m fine. Hey mom, do you notice anything different about my room?” I question. “Ummm, no. Why sweetie?” She replies.

My breath is held and I don’t know what to say. I am the only one who sees this girl in my room. I manage to blurt out “No reason”, and my mother leaves and returns to her prior task. I search for breath and I cannot find it. My mind screams with the words I am scared to say for fear I might cause worry.

In a flash, I run out of the door while telling my mother I am going to meet up with some friends. My shaking hands search for my keys and then they take a few tries before they make it into the ignition. I stare back at my house as I am leaving it and those green eyes stare back. Tears are rolling down my cheeks as I pull out of my driveway. My car turns a corner and all of a sudden, the girl is there, looking right through me. I look away and as my head turns the green eyes meet the direction I just turned. The girl is on the other side. I close my eyes and soon open them again. I feel my foot pressing harder and harder on the accelerator. Soon I am racing down the road. My look turns toward the sidewalk fearfully. I feel a certain dread as I see those same colored eyes staring at me. Why can I not get away from them? Everywhere I turn and look, the green-eyed girl stares. I cannot live like this. Here I am seeing something that is not real. Those green eyes don’t exist. No one else can see them. All I see are dark green circles with deep black holes sinking in the middle of them.

My fear becomes present. My mind begins to reel. It’s as if I am in a movie with sensational scenes. Like those scenes in a movie, I feel horror present in my mind. I can never go back. My eyes are deceiving me into believing the unreal and pushing away the real. I cannot divide what I know as truth from the game my mind plays on me. My life can never be the same. I fear that I will never picture the world the same way again. It pains me to open my eyes to truly see a new world. My own eyes that help me to see blind me. They are the eyes that are supposed to help me perceive truth. Now they show me what is not true and lead me to believe the things that are fake. No one else understands this, but neither do I. It is unbearable to live the life I possess now.

This insanity must end now. I won’t live a life with the green-eyed girl. She has to die. However, how can I kill the unreal? Soon, I know what I have to do. My face is wet with tears as I drive to Pike’s Drop, the famous cliff. It is five hundred feet to the bottom of it and the edge is a straight drop off. The front of my car is pointed toward the edge and you can see nothing after that. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. When my eyes are open, they are suddenly met with two green eyes. The girl is standing in front of my car with that same expression on her face. She is there looking directly into my soul as if to taunt me. While holding her stare, I back my car up. My eyes challenge her stare as I switch gears. Her expression never changes as if she is challenging me back. I hate her. She causes me this pain, so now I will cause her pain.

While I scream my lungs out, I floor it and slam right into those green eyes. Quickly, she is pushed off the cliff and my car is flying. I sit in my car, free falling. I’m soaring right along side those soaring green eyes. This is the only way that those eyes can never haunt me again. It is inevitable that I must kill the real in order to destroy the unreal. I close my eyes and I can feel that I am nearing the bottom.

Everything fades to black and it is completely dark. No longer do I feel the freedom of my falling. My eyes jerk awake and I examine a familiar ceiling. I realize that I am in my bed. Turning toward my clock, I see that it is 4:00 A.M. A soothing calm takes over my body and I am comforted. I smile slowly and close my eyes. I was always safe; I need never fear the green-eyed girl again.

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