Loo of the Year 1999

I had the pleasure, no the honor really of not only visiting, but also using the winner of the prestigious ‘Loo of the Year, 1999’! I bet not a lot of people can say that! Well, actually, I’d guess a LOT of people could say that. You see, the honored Loo just happens to be located in the Tower of London. I was on my first trip to London, a whirlwind affair that lasted exactly four days. I had been asked by the head of a fairly prestigious medical research organization to attend a conference on behalf of the biotechnology industry in New York. As the newly appointed president of a non-profit representing the industry, I was frankly quite honored and excited at the opportunity. As soon as I got to London (all expenses paid, naturally, by that ‘prestigious research organization’), I realized I was probably the last name on the ‘D list’ maybe even the ‘E’. My room was basically a hallway, with a narrow twin bed at one end, the TV attached to the ceiling (think hospital room), and a bathroom that reminded me of one you’d find on a boat…a very small boat. But none of that mattered, because I was in LONDON! The conference took up two days of my four, but when my obligations were over, London was mine to explore. And I did it all. Harrods (where it costs a pound to pee), the changing of the guard at THE Palace, the underground, shopping arcades, a pint and chips in a pub, high tea at Fortnum & Mason, the Eye, double decker buses, you name it! Sleep?? Hell, I could sleep on the plane — this was LONDON! I saved the best for last – the Tower of London. I did the tour, got teased by the Beefeaters, saw the famous ravens, and then, well, I had to go. You know, GO. So followed the signs I did, up the stairs to the loo. I went in, did, well, you know, and then as I was washing up afterwards, I saw it. The sign, the declaration of fabulous loo-dom. THE Loo of the Year Award! This trip was SO worth it.

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