Look More Awake in the Morning

Feeling exhausted? We all have nights where there just isn’t enough time to sleep. Fortunately, there are a few ways I have experimented with that do a good job of hiding the evidence. Here’s a list of ways to look more awake:

De-Puff your eyes. Puffy eyes instantly suggest a lack of sleep or a long night of crying. The easiest fix is to use a caffeine cream. If you don’t have one, a cold compress works great as well. I prefer to keep a metal spoon in the freezer for such occasions. I simply hold the cold spoon on my eye and then switch to the other eye until both are no longer puffy.

Give your lashes some love. Curl your lashes to make your eyes look more open. Add mascara to seal them in place and emphasize the look. If you would like, you can skip mascara on your bottom lashes to avoid looking over-done.

Enjoy your eye shadow. The trick with eye shadow is to use a very light shade, preferably white. Add the white to the rim of your eye near your tear ducts towards your nose. You can also add just a dab of the white at the arch of your eyebrow. Adding such light colors makes your eyes look more open, and therefore less tired.

Care for your hair. “Bedhead” probably is not the look you are going for, so make sure to spend some extra time getting out the pillow bumps and runaway strands. A nice hair style says “I care about how I look and what I do.”

Use concealer. Hide bags and discoloration under your eyes. Be careful not to over-do it, caked on concealer just looks silly.

Bronzers and Blushes are your friend. A bronzer or blush lightly added to your cheekbones can give you a nice glow and take away the pale and tired look.

If all else fails and you fall asleep, at least you’ll look nice doing it!

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