Look Professional in Blue Jeans

Blue jeans. Dungarees. Levis. Denim. No matter what you call them, they have become standard style for Americans. We wear them to work, we wear them to school, we wear them on dates, and we wear them around the house. Some folks consider jeans to be casual wear, not suitable for the workplace. Whether or not you can wear jeans to work, you can still look pulled together and professional when you do wear jeans. Here’s how.

Fashion. The first step in making jeans look professional and pulled together is by finding a pair that is fashionable and stylish. An outdated, unflattering pair of mom jeans (remember the 90s high-waisted, stone washed, elastic denim?) is the enemy of style. Instead, choose a pair with classic lines, such as a trouser fit, a straight leg fit, or even a well-made pair of skinny jeans. Avoid anything with rips, tears, decals, or studs. Keep the denim simple and straightforward.

Fit. Fit is extremely important when it comes to making jeans look stylish. A pair that is too big will just look frumpy. A pair of jeans that is too tight looks just as bad. Don’t worry about the number on the tag – find the pair that fits you in all the right places. You may have to try on several sizes of several brands to find a pair that you love. Keep in mind that most jeans are a little tighter after you first wash them, and then stretch out throughout the day. Decide if you are going to wear your jeans with heels or flats, and have them tailored accordingly. Longer jeans create the look of a longer, leaner leg, just before they’re not dragging on the floor.

Flatter. Make sure your jeans flatter you. If you want to minimize a large tush, choose jeans that are high waisted with large pockets. If you need a little curve in the back, try smaller pockets with flaps. To balance out larger hips, choose a pair of jeans that have slightly flared legs. Skinny jeans are great if they aren’t too tight. They should skim the body but not be overstretched at the seams. Keep in mind that anything low-rise will give you a muffin top, so you’ll probably want to shoot for mid-rise for an all over, more flattering fit. A dark wash is the most flattering and most professional.

Footwear. Your footwear is just as important as the jeans are themselves. A sharp looking pair of shoes will dress up any jeans. Stiletto heels look terrific with the right skinny jeans. Boots work terrific as well. Fashionable, pointy-toe pumps look great under flared jeans. Professional footwear will definitely give you a professional edge with your jeans, just make sure that your shoes are shined, clean, and in great shape. Sneakers or clogs will look too casual.

Finesse. Make your outfit really look put together by topping it off with a great structured blazer or cardigan. A button down and skinny belt over a cami look fresh and neat. Fabulous earrings and a great handbag will add more finesse to your look.

Overall, keep the look neat, clean, and professional for a smart, pulled together look. Make sure your hair and makeup are pretty and well done. Wear polished pieces with great accessories so you can look your best.

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