Looking for God

Look out the window, amazing show of creation with all its attributes. Billions of years in the making this day, we are here as its witness; synthesis of hard facts to confirm that we are not in an mirage is fading each day. What about the Higg’s, did anyone really think that a creator would leave so much as anything material so that it could made into a bomb? The range of possibilities have already hit a snag when the entanglement, wave collapse and nothing ever happens collide on an day to day basis. The beginning so many billions of years ago had to have an observer like in our case with reality now to validate its existence. Were you there? What about the cat? Its either there or not? We are born into a fully functional cosmic drama with past, present, and future as its main characters. We play our role then get out because nothing does not decay in a what is to decay world; we die. What aspect of bacteria could actually see the universe on the level to keep it expanding for another thirteen billion years when life as know it is only three billion years old here on earth. The paradoxial collisions continue right on up to the Almighty with out a name but was here on the first seven days of creation, then Jesus.
We must ask what came first spirit or Higgs wrapped in a quantum blanket trying to stay warm on that creation day. He got cold eyes that contributed the necessary ingredient, observation to make this universe happen, why him or her? We weren’t there to initiate that defining element but we are here now to sustain creation with every blink; amazing. Look out your mind, amazing what it can do with just a gaze.

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