‘Lost” Star Matthew Fox in Some Trouble for Assaulting a Female Bus Driver

Matthew Fox may be in some hot water in the near future. The former “Lost” star has been arrested for assault on a woman. The woman is a 29-year-old bus driver who apparently denied Fox a ride on the party bus that she was driving. The bus she was driving had members of a bachelor party aboard and Fox apparently wanted to get on the bus and catch a ride back to the hotel he was staying at.

When she denied Fox entry onto the bus, he allegedly assaulted her and it took a few men to get him off of her. An off duty police officer then held him until other officers came to the scene. Fox was then arrested and released to a friend who brought Fox back to the hotel he was staying at. The woman is planning to press assault charges.

This is ridiculous and Fox had no right at all to assault this woman. This woman was simply doing her job and Fox seemed like he overreacted to this whole thing. Hopefully this woman does sue him for enough money to teach him a lesson. I doubt that Fox will land behind bars but if he can pay through the nose then he may very well learn his lesson and may think twice before assaulting another person.

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