Love of the Universe and Human Love: Are They the Same?

Why should I take the time out to “connect to the Universe?” Why should I spend my valuable time which is currently devoted to pursuing my tangible loves, my wife, family, and career, to commune with the ethereal love of the Universe? These are reasonable questions in the minds of modern man living in our faced paced technological world. Two authors, Lynne Gordon-Mündel, and Great Sun, provide answers.

According to Lynne Mundel, the various forms of love, love for a lover, for a family, for nature, are not intrinsically different than the love for the Universe and for the creator who created us all. As one eastern writer, Meher Baba once wrote, the various forms of love come together as streams of love finding their way to rivers and then the ocean of love. The commonality of all these types of love is the search for unity in diversity. A man and woman, for example, seek to bridge their diversity and form a unity. A married couple form a single body in their marriage. In the words of the poet Robert Fish “Our love is a meeting, a bridge and a union, we two are one.”

According to Lynne Gordon Mundel, human love and love for the universe are essentially the same thing because they are different types of expressions of the unity of creation. Lynne goes so far as to call the belief in separation an epidemic. She notes that we have been trained to believe that love is an emotional feeling state arising out of ourselves, but the essence of all forms of love is the realization that we are not separate beings, and the universe is one. She writes, “Existence is all of one piece, it is a Unity; it is Tenderness beyond description”

Lynne writes that if people can experience the love of the Universe the feeling that we are all one, then we can overcome the miseries, which according to her are breed from the myth of separation. “Poverty war and disease all result from the false belief that the creator and creation are divided. For example, a landlord believing he is a totally separate being from his tenant will try and raise the price of the apartment, improving his lot at the expense of the dweller’s well being. Wars come about when one country, believing itself to be superior and separate from another country, seeks to dominate it and take it over. The relationship between disease and separation is much more complex and tied to the very nature of human existence, however, we can appreciate it in a small way by considering a company, which believes itself to be totally distinct beings from its customers, adds food additives to its products to make them more appealing, even when they are harmful to the health of the buyers.

Great Sun, author of the Viking text “Super Life Secret Codes,” encourages his readers to see the Universe as a constant indwelling presence in our lives. Our very thoughts, and aspirations, he points out are broadcast to the Universe, and integrated with the thoughts and aspirations of all our fellow beings, every instant, like a cell phone and receiver hooked up to a gigantic computer.

Whereas Lynne asks her readers to “…let go of any and all ideas that make us seem to be alone, helpless, or insignificant, and receive the energies of Creation, felt as love, in our meditations, in our spiritual practices, in our daily lives and in our relationships.” Great Sun offers the following superb meditation instruction to his readers. “Imagine yourself standing, in the middle of nature and feeling the endless love the Universe is giving us.” (Now) “give back endless appreciation, and transfer this gratitude as love in your hearts, to become a spiritual substance, letting it blow to every corner of the world.”

Great Sun’s meditation suggests the relationship between the connection to the universe and feeling the love of the Universe and the expression of love in human endeavors. When we are full of the boundless love of the Universe, which sustains us every instant via sunlight, air, water, food, etc. we become more capable of human love, by desiring to express this gratitude for what receive, to others. While this approach won’t necessarily spark the wild passion we associate with fulfilling human love, it can at least serve to check negative emotions and actions, born out of a dark perception of separation from the other, which at times can hinder the expression of human love.

Great Sun, like Lynne, points out that appreciation for Universe can help countries as well as individuals end the cycle of wars and domination. “Many governments still have the mentality to overpower smaller countries to gain their benefits.” Great Sun notes. “Looking at history, we see that century after century, countries fight to take over territories. When can we learn to work together to protect the planet we live on.” The Universe has its own agenda, Great Sun concludes, and if countries can’t learn to recognize their commonality with the other, then consequences will result, i.e. wars, and such disasters as global warming, which have resulted from economically driven industrial concerns that override rational concern for the environment.

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