Lovestruck by Vera Wang Perfume Review

Vera Wang makes the most elegant fragrances. My favorite fragrance by Vera Wang is Glam Princess, which has a sweeter scent than the original Princess. I love sweet scents.

Lovestruck is described as a “sparkling floral” fragrance, and I am not usually into heavy florals, but some floral fragrances are so girly and beautifully scented.

I honestly can’t tell that Lovestruck is a floral. It smells very citrus. Lemony to be exact. It does smell sort of sparkling though.

There is a note in Lovestruck that is very creamy and buttery. It smells very interesting combined with the lemon.

After the fragrance sits on your skin for a while, it starts to smell much more floral than before. It actually reminds me of patchouli and gardenia. It smells nice.

This fragrance is a good one, but I don’t find it to be very special. It has a powerful name, but the scent is kind of a disappointment. I was expecting something a little different. I give it 3 out of 5 stars.

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